Here is an example of informative speech text i wrote when i was in the second semester of my bachelor program. Perhaps, you find some grammatical error, so please leave a comment if you want to make it correct. Thanks a lot🙂

Good afternoon everyone,

Today I’m going to give you information about the dangerous of ice cream sold on the street. As you know, almost in every cityside, there are many kinds of food sold on the street, such as candies, meatballs, ice creams, and so on. Now I will tell you about ice cream. Most people like eating and consuming ice cream especially which is sold on the street and has cheap price. Both children and adults love this interesting food.

But actually, have you ever known that there are many dangerous substances in ice cream which is usually sold on the street? Well, there are some kinds of dangerous substances in this ice cream, like coloring substance, sweetener substance, and this one that I think so surprising, deodorant ingredient! Can you imagine if the deodorant ingredient which is actually not allowed to eat, but swallowed when you’re consuming this kind of ice cream? Yes, it’s so dangerous. But don’t be worried, you can analyze the characteristics of this dangerous ice cream from its attractive color. Actually, the attractive color which is contained in it is the coloring substance for textile. If you eat this ice cream and has strong flavor, so it contained the sweetener substance. You have to know that if you consume unhealthy ice cream, it can affect your throat in a short time, and cancer in a long time.

Thus, unhealthy ice cream which is sold on the street contained many dangerous substances for our body.

This is the end of my speech, I hope it will be useful for us.

Thank you for your attention.

Good bye.

(Hanifa Rahmawati. Sastra Inggris 2010. Universitas Brawijaya)