Are you looking for an example of persuasive speech text? This one is for you, but I wrote it when I was in second semester of my bachelor program, so if you found some grammatical or vocabulary error, you may make it correct by leaving a comment below. I hope this one helps you much🙂

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you very much for the time given to me. In this moment allow me to present my speech about wonderful of batik and make it as national attribute.

As you have to feel, we are proud of being Indonesian that have special character of various culture. Many ways to preserve our culture, one of them is wearing batik. We are proud of having this batik to be adopted as one of the world cultural heritages. By wearing batik unconsciously we get some benefits. First, we preserve our culture. Young people today indirectly have helped Indonesia to preserve the great cultural of this. Beside that, we also unite people in Indonesia by wearing batik. We live in differences from Sabang to Merauke, from Miangas to Rote. But because of batik, Javanese may be wear Sundanese batik. So even though we have different culture, we are one in Indonesia.

Why don’t we wear batik if it has many eases of it? Batik is easy to access or buy. It spreads everywhere in city side in almost every store. The price is not quite expensive as the previous time. Batik is also has many functions, not only for clothes but also for bags, table clothes, wallets, and so on. Batik is no longer identical with old people. It is now also present in various models and so attractive and interesting. It can be worn by everyone from child up to adult. It also can be worn in many occasions, not only formal but also informal event. For example in our faculty, we decided Thursday as Batik Day, so the students can increase their interest in wearing batik.

Thus, let’s wear our batik proudly because many advantages and eases of wear it. We are proud of being Indonesian, we are proud of having batik.

This is the end of my speech, thanks for your attention, nice to speak in front of you.

Good bye.

(Hanifa Rahmawati. Sastra Inggris 2010. Universitas Brawijaya)