“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved” Helen Keller (1880 – 1968), US Blind & Deaf Educator. One of the powers of a movie lies on how well the author builds the characters. Without them, the story will never go. Rio is one of the movies which have various characters both animals and humans. Those various characters build a story of bird stealing located in Rio de Janeiro. But in general, there are three main personality types in Rio: coward, daredevil, and cunning.
First, coward is the most appropriate personality type to represent several characters in Rio. For example is Blu, the main character which is a male bird. He is always scared of everything outside Linda’s home. The exact proof is he called Linda for several times to ask help when he has caged in Tuilo’s cage. You can see how coward he is on the minute of 16:26 in this film. Another is he is afraid Nico and Pedro would broke his cage when he arrived first at Rio de Janeiro (on the minute of 14:35). Blu loves staying peace inside there so he is afraid they would broke it. The other coward characters are Nico and Pedro. It is proved when they tend to run away instead help Jewel which was caught by Nigel (on the minute of 01:10:38). They are afraid to attack Nigel. They are too coward.
Jewel, the female bird, shows the second type in this film that is daredevil. She attacked Blu bravely at first because she thought he is strange (on the minute of 17:18). Her courage also shows when she was keep trying hard to escape from Tulio’s cage and from the criminals. It is showed on the minute of 18:13 and 25:17. The daredevil bird such kind of Jewel is one of the great protagonists in movies.
The third type is antagonist one that is cunning. It is the characteristic of Nigel, the criminal boss’ bird. He pretended to be sick and then he attacked Sylvio, Tulio’s guidance, to help his boss to stole Blu and Jewel (on the minute of 20:17). Another his cunning is he asked the monkeys to found Jewel and Blu by threaten them. You can see this Nigel’s act on the minute of 45:28. The criminal’s boss is also the character who represents this type. He asked Fernando, an orphan child, to stole Blu and Jewel. He promised to pay him the whole but finally he just pay a half (on the minute of 24:58). He also took the parachute to save himself when the plane was broken and left his maids. It is showed in the last part of this film, on the minute of 01:23:34. The last one is the monkeys which also represent as the cunning. They seemed entertain the tourists but actually they stole their watch, cell phone, etc (on the minute of 43:57).
In short, those three personality types, the coward, daredevil, and cunning, that can represent several characters in Rio. Whatever the type of characters in a film, they still be one of the powers of a movie. Like a body, characters represent as the hand, foot and head. The other element like plot also can be represented as the soul of a body. So without hand, foot, and head, a body will never complete, so does a story.

(HanifaRahmawati. Sastra Inggris 2010. Universitas Brawijaya)