English Drama Script

I have ever been taking a drama class when I was in the fourth semester of my bachelor program. I have asked to make a short drama script myself. And yeah, below is the result, hihihi maybe it looks far from perfect. For you who master English drama, you may give suggestion for my better future work 🙂


It is in an orphanage, located in countryside, so far away from downtown. People called it as House of Bright Future, in which there are a hundred orphans gathered together. They live under strict rules of Mrs. Barbara Brown, an unmarried woman who is the owner of the orphanage. Every single orphan who lives there must be an educated, clever, and perfect person according to Mrs. Black. It is in order to prove that although they are living without parents, they can be the greatest people in the world. In fact, not all orphans are as bright as its orphanage name. Not all people are born to be ‘perfect’, at least they have their own abilities to be perfect in their own way. There is a 15 years old boy named Toby Thompson who is strange, lazy, and very bad in academic. Mrs. Black thought that he is a mental disorder boy so she treats him stricter than the others in order to lead him to be a ‘normal’ child.

[One night, in the dining room..]
Mrs. Brown : Ok boys, now sit down on your chairs and eat the dinner in fifteen minutes-don’t forget to pray first and after that go to your bedroom and have a sleep-Toby!

[Toby still plays his guitar and ignores Mrs. Black’s command.]
Mrs. Brown : Toby, I said to you to sit down on your chairs and- (Toby leaves the dining room) Oh my God! Toby, where are you going? (Mrs. Brown drags Toby and sits him down in his chair) You always be a troublemaker and make me annoyed, why don’t you just pay attention to my command and everything will be in a good order! (She mumbles)
Toby : I am not hungry Mrs. Brown.
Mrs. Brown : I don’t care, just eat your dishes because I don’t want anyone here be sick!

[It’s already fifteen minutes..]
Mrs. Brown : Ok time is up for dinner, now go to your bed-remember tomorrow you should get up earlier because tomorrow is your final exam, hurry! Hurry! Oh my God Toby! Haven’t you finished your dinner yet? Should I cram these foods into your mouth?

[He does not finish his dinner, leaves the room, Mrs. Brown, and her griping. Toby walks to his room.]

[In Toby’s room, there is Darren Davies, Toby’s close friend, who has not slept yet.]
Darren : Does Mrs. Brown cram your foods into your mouth again, huh? (He laughs) Why don’t you just finish your dinner quickly, Tob? You did it many times-almost every single night. Don’t you like the foods? Do you want the most delicious and lux dinner every night? We live in orphanage, brother, just eat everything Mrs. Brown gives to us. Thanks to God we don’t need to eat Mrs. Brown’s dog’s food.
Toby : I’m just not hungry.
Darren : Even if you’re hungry you always be the last who finish dinner.

[Toby ignores Darren. He sits down in the edge of the window, reaches his guitar and plays it.]
Darren : Have you studied for tomorrow?
Toby : Have you ever seen I’m studying? (He still plays guitar) Darren, I’m thinking of join with Dark Eye. They are one of the biggest bands in London and looking for a guitarist to replace Jason Smith, his former guitarist.
Darren : Do you think you are able to replace Smith’s position?
Toby : Yes, I do.
Darren : The other important one is do you think Mrs. Brown will permit you to leave this house? For such those reason? I don’t think so, Tob. You see that Mrs. Brown is a-very-strict-woman, who won’t permit anyone of us to go outside the house. The only exception is if your parents pick you up but you know it’s impossible.
Toby : I know well what kind of woman Mrs. Brown is.
Darren : I wonder whether she will permit you but I support you to join with Dark Eye, brother. You are a great guitarist. By the way, it’s 11 o’clock and just go to your bed if you don’t want to be late in your final exam tomorrow, good night.
Toby : Good night, Darren.

[Toby still plays his guitar until 3:00 a.m. He sleeps with guitar on his hand.
Morning comes. Toby opens his eyes heavily. He hears many rush sounds but instead of get up and hurry reach the bathroom, he pulls his blanket and continues sleeping.
Darren : Toby, get up!! (He shouts) Don’t you know what time is it? Don’t you want to go to the class? Today is final exam, boy!!
Toby : Should I? (He mumbles with his half-open eyes)
Darren : Just if you want to pass the exam. (He annoyed and leaves Toby)
Toby : What time is it? (He looks at the clock and suddenly jumps from his bed) Oh shit! Should I take a bath? (He goes to the bathroom, but he cancel it) It doesn’t matter whether you take a bath or not, the important one is you are not smell bad. (He mumbles to himself and hurry goes to the classroom without bathing himself.)

[Toby drawing ahead Mrs. Brown and ignores her griping because of his lateness-again-for many times-almost every day.

[He sits beside Darren. Darren just looks at him for a while without saying anything.]
Toby : I need your help, brother, I didn’t study at all, everyone knows you are the smartest student here. (Toby pleads to Darren with his annoying smile)
Darren : Toby as usual.

[First day of final exam finished. Toby and Darren walk to their room.]
Darren : What about your plan to join Dark Eye guitarist recruitment? Have you got permission from Mrs. Brown?
Toby : It is impossible to get her permission so I will never ask for it. I’m going to go to London tomorrow, wish me luck! Do you want to accompany me?
Darren : Anytime, for my best friend. (Darren smiles to Toby and hugs him)
Toby : (Avoid Darren’s hug) Hey boy, you are not a gay, huh? Never hug me! (Toby and Darren laugh together)

[The following day..]

[It is 4:00 a.m., Mrs. Brown has not woke up yet. Darren and Toby leave the house secretly by the back door. They go to London by bus.]
Darren : What a wonderful feeling to be free! Feels like a flying bird.. Pretends that we have no final exam this morning.. Pretends that Mrs. Brown will never know our journey.. Such a great thing! (He talks to himself and whistling)
Toby : Darren, do you think I’m able to do this recruitment? I’m not sure. I feel nervous.
Darren : Hey Tob, I’m your close friend since we’re still children. I know very well your superb ability in playing guitar. Maybe it sounds impossible to replace Smith in Dark Eye, but nothing’s impossible.
Toby : Thanks Darren, you’re my best friend ever. Actually, I miss my parents.. I miss their supports in such this situation. I can play guitar well because of this guitar from my dad, that’s what Mrs. Brown said to me. (Darren claps his shoulder to ensure him that he is here to support him)

[They come to the place where Dark Eye guitarist recruitment takes place.]

[Toby is waiting for the queue line. And by the time he is called by the crew, he entered. After thirty minutes, he comes out with smile in his face.]
Darren : How’s your feeling? What have they said?
Toby : Their response is positive. They will announce who will be their guitarist at 7:00 p.m.
Darren : I am sure that will be you, Tob. (Toby smiles)

[It is 7 o’clock. Jose Philip, Dark Eye’s vocalist come close to Toby.]
Jose : Congratulation Mr. Thompson, we’re very amazed of your superb guitar play. Welcome to the Dark Eye. You’re part of our family now. You’re the next Jason Smith. (Jose shakes Toby’s hand)
Toby : T.. Thank you very much, Mr. Philip. (Toby shocked. His confused face makes Darren laughs loudly)
Darren : You see, Tob, huh? What have I said to you? You’re the next Jason Smith! And now you’re Dark Eye’s member! Wow I can’t believe, that’s you my friend haha! (Darren hugs Toby tightly and claps his shoulder)

[As time goes by, the announcement of Dark Eye’s new guitarist is published in television. It makes Mrs. Brown surprised and did not believe that he is one of her orphans who become the Dark Eye’s new guitarist.]
Mrs. Brown : (Watch television) Is he really Toby-the laziest and abnormal boy?
Darren : He is, Mrs. Brown, my roommate, my best friend, the orphan of House of Bright Future and now he is a big star.. You should be proud, Mrs. Brown! I didn’t believe, but I watched the recruitment myself! That was amazing..
Mrs. Brown : (Turn back of the television and look at Darren) Oh, so some days ago you are not here and leave the house secretly and leave your final exam just to accompany Toby to the recruitment? How dare you! Deceive me and said that you’re picked by your relative, hey don’t run, Darren! You must be punished! (Mrs. Brown chases Darren who is running)
Darren : I’m sorry, Mrs. Brown, forgive me, I just accompany my best friend to reach his dream, is that wrong? Stop chase me Mrs. Brown. (Darren said while he is running to avoid Mrs. Brown)
Mrs. Brown : Punishment will always be punishment and must be given to those who break the rule. Darren, stop run!

[The stage is closed by those scenes while Mrs. Brown chased Darren and he is keep running. The lights off.]


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