Gender Discrimination and Women Right (In the United States and Black and White Lily Drama)


Gender discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person based on his or her gender. Gender discrimination remains as one of the most prevalent and disturbing problems for women not only in the United States but the world as well. Women face discrimination in the workplace where even today a woman with the same skill level as that of a man will earn but two-thirds of his salary. Women also face discrimination in the academic arena. While many women are the recipients of college degrees, women make up less than ten percent of those people who are occupied as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and company executives. Instead, women are concentrated in non – professional occupations. Women have been historically required to stay at home and manage the “simple” tasks such as the preparation of meals and the rearing of children.


There are also some scenes within Black And White Lily that represent gender discrimination toward women. Here are some conversations in Black And White Lily that represents gender discrimination toward women:
“…Gene Winslow used to say I was the laziest white woman ever saw…”
That was what Lily Winslow said to Lily Mae, told her that Eugene Winslow ever said that she was the laziest woman. It seems that Eugene Winslow underestimated his wife as a woman. It shows a kind of gender discrimination toward woman within this story.
“…I know how to work it; I know it would work! I’d hire me a good experienced road driver, and I’d handle the bookings, and the books, and Rayetta would help of course..”
That was what Lily Mae said to Lily Winslow, told her that even though she is a woman but she is able to do the same thing as a man, she could get job to survive her life. It shows a kind of gender discrimination even though between women, means that Lily Winslow underestimated Lily Mae as the blacks could not get the other job besides become her maid.


Women Right is the freedoms claimed for women and girls of all ages in many societies. For much of American history, women were not considered equal to men and were denied equality in many areas of life. Most women had no legal identity apart from their husbands. Married women could not hold property in their own names, sue or be sued, make contracts, sit on a jury, write a will, or vote. Nor did women have the same opportunities for education and careers that men did. Yet, many women found ways to show their intelligence, courage, and leadership.
Today, most people agree that women and men should have equal civil and political rights. Although these beliefs are common today, many people once considered them shocking. Indeed, it is hard to believe that American women have not always had the freedoms of today—it is difficult to imagine a world in which girls and women were not allowed to vote, get an education, own property, or shape their own lives.
Over the past 160 years, dramatic social and legal changes have allowed women to participate in education, government, and society in new ways. But these dramatic changes are the results of passionate women and men who advocated for women’s rights. Young people today enjoy the benefits of the women’s rights movement.
In the first half of the 19th century, women were not allowed to participate in politic. In July 1848, equal rights for women was declared by Elizabeth Cady Stanton through her work Declaration of Sentiment.


Women’s right represent within this story in the Scene 4:

L.M.: Suddenly, there I was: an entrepreneur! Business was real good that first summer. The National Baptist Convention was in Austin that year, and I took up three full loads in nine hours
going and coming. I made a little over seven hundred dollars, after I’d paid my expenses. I stayed up there that whole weekend shuttling the folks from the hotel to the various churches in
town: Ebenezer, Brown’s Chapel, First Baptist, Second Baptist, Mt. Zion, Mt. Shiloh, Mt. Sinai, Mt. Calvary, Mt. Olive, and the rest. At each church, I passed out cards and drummed up more
business. I was a natural-born businesswoman, which seemed to surprise everyone but me. How’d they think I ran the Winslows’ house all them years? By hook or crook? I opened up two or three charge accounts, put me a down payment on a new little Chevrolet, even paid old lady Winslow a few payments back, much to her surprise. Yes, I was living the American dream sure
enough. And then the incident, as it came to be called, took place—out on Highway 10, just outside of Ft. Stockton, which was our rest stop between here and El Paso. We were coming
back from the Eastern Star spring retreat, which was held in El Paso that year. Did I say that already? Rayetta says I tend to repeat myself like an old lady, but what can you expect, know
what I mean? Anyway, the incident, as it happened, was not the result of too much beer drinking and a weak bladder, as the gossip goes. Unh uh. It was just old Mr. Mulkey, in confusion,
and the fact that he had lost his eyeglasses, had simply relieved himself against the big back tire of the bus. Because he couldn’t find the colored restroom, which of course had gone out of
business years before; and he refused to use what he thought was the white restroom, which just said “Men” on the door. He got very agitated, as he explained it later, and his agitation put
pressure on his bladder, so he couldn’t hold it, so, well, he just went on an’ urinated against the back tire. Poor thing. He was too near-sighted to see the mother and little daughter coming out
of the Baskin-Robbins, or the highway patrolman just pulling in for a doughnut. He was just in time to see old Mr. Mulkey do his business, and hear the lady scream. He ran over and handcuffed Mr. Mulkey, and Mr. Mulkey started crying, thought they were gonna lynch him I expect. He tried to explain himself, but it was no use. It was terrible. Just terrible. The mamma screamed again and ran over all red-faced, telling the highway patrol that that old darkey had ruined her little daughter for life. Talking ‘bout he shook his penis in her little pink face. He was just shaking off the last little drips, you know, the way men do so they don’t stain their underwear. But God above knows, people see what they want to see; or what they NEED to see, which is even worse. Somehow it got into the newspapers down here; the Express News gave it a headline like it was World War III. “Local Flasher Terrorizes Ft. Stockton,” or some such thing. Well. That was the end of my touring bus business. I had to pay Mr. Mulkey’s bail, then his legal fees and fine. The judge thought $1,000 and ten years probation was about fair for such a terrible crime. On top of that, I got sued by Baskin-Robbins people. Said their business was ruined when the story got around. Shoot; THEIR business. My insurance was cancelled. You can’t transport people without insurance, you know. That was that. I sold the bus. What else could I do? I took a little loss on it all, I admit that, but I still had my health, right? Anything is possible if you got your health.

Lily Mae was being an entrepreneur. It shows that a woman can get the same right as man in the case of job.


It’s important for women to have close friendships with other women. This relationship will get two benefits. First is psychological benefit. Women gain self-esteem, validation, and happiness from such exchanges. Second is physical benefit. With happiness and validation comes a lowering of heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and the tendency to overeat. The immune and digestive systems work more efficiently.


There are also some scenes within Black And White Lily that represent women’s feeling toward friendship. Here are some conversations in Black And White Lily that represents about it:
“…He told you! My Lord! Don’t you see? He disrespected both you and me, by taking you about it. That son of a bitch!…”

That was what Lily Mae said to Lily Winslow. Lily Mae express her anger to Eugene Winslow who told to Lily Winslow about their affair. It shows a kind of women’s feeling when she was annoyed, she would swearing.

“…You can’t quit on me. What am I supposed to do for help for the rest of my life? You know how my knees swell up to the size of honeydew melons! I’m helpless!…”

It was the conversation between Lily Winslow and Lily Mae when Lily Mae ask for resignment as her maid. But Lily Winslow didn’t agree, she said that she still needs her. It shows the women’s feeling when a woman was left by her close friend.

“…I knew you would. And I miss you too, Lily Mae. Well course you can have your old job back…”

It was what Lily Winslow told to Lily Mae when Mae returns as her maid. Winslow accept her back happily. It shows a woman’s feeling will always forgive her close friend whatever her fault.


Sterling Houston, Black And White Lily Drama.

Compiled by:
Tiara Trulyfiona
Hanifa Rahmawati
Andhika Randhy Adhitia
Ganang Restra


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