1.1. Background of Observation

This part consists of reason, aim, and expectation of this observation.

1.1.1. Reason

This observation was conducted in PG&TK Laboratorium UM. It is placed at Jalan Magelang 2 Malang. The class we observe was TK B Lion Bilingual Class in which the teachers are Sri Wahyuni, A.Ma. and Arie Diah Anggraeni. We chose this kindergarten based on some reasons as follows:

a. PG&TK Laboratorium UM has got an A accreditation which means this kindergarten has an excellent quality and become one of recommended schools because this school has an innovative learning model.
b. PG&TK Laboratorium UM has good facilities in supporting learning process, such as audio visual, cooking class, medical room, library, computer laboratory, playing area, mini garden, mini swimming pool, etc.
c. PG&TK Laboratorium UM has some superior programs which are bilingual class with competent teachers and interesting learning methods using multimedia, self-development programs (painting, drawing, singing), and Calistung program (Baca, Tulis, Hitung) developed by Prof. Dr. Soepartinah Pakasi (Alm).
d. PG&TK Laboratorium UM has an intensive program to prepare students to go to elementary school.
e. PG&TK Laboratorium UM applies innovative learning model using Contextual Learning and Life Skill.

1.1.2. Aim

This observation was aimed to:
a. Fulfill English for Young Learner Final Project for Final Examination.
b. Observe English teacher’s teaching method in PG&TK Laboratorium UM.
c. Enrich the researchers’ knowledge in learning young learner.
d. Build a good relation between Brawijaya University and PG&TK Laboratorium UM.

1.1.3. Expectation

Based on the observation, it is expected PG&TK Laboratorium UM provides more competent teachers and many students will study in this school not only from Malang but also from other cities in Indonesia. The researchers also hope this school will create many excellent students in both academic and soft skills. It is also expected that this school will be a good model for the other schools because it applies bilingual class in which English and Bahasa Indonesia as the medium language. The researchers also emphasize that English as a second language should not be prohibited in playgroup and kindergarten since learning English is good to be applied as early as possible.


2.1. Description of Findings

This sub chapter explains about the way to teach, the media used to teach, and the activities in TK B Lion Bilingual Class on Tuesday, 18 December 2012.

2.1.1. The way to teach

PG&TK Laboratorium UM is the school consists of regular and bilingual classes. The class observed by the researchers was TK B Lion Bilingual Class. The teachers are Sri Wahyuni, A.Ma. (Teacher Yuni) and Arie Diah Anggraeni (Teacher Arie). The teachers teach through song. Every activity including instructions and interactions was delivered by singing some songs. That’s why, this school is interesting since children are excited in learning through songs or even games.

2.1.2. The media used to teach

Teacher Yuni and Teacher Arie as the guides for the students in TK B Lion Bilingual Class use some media to support them in teaching. The media are as follows:
a. Flash cards
b. Fruit toys
c. Origami
d. Whiteboard
e. TV
f. CD

2.1.3. Activities
Based on the observation, there are four main activities in TK B Lion Bilingual Class on Tuesday, 18 December 2012. The activities are explained below:

1. Line Up
This activity was began by singing some songs in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. It is continued by dancing and singing in English. Teacher Arie asked the students to count themselves one by one in order to know how much and which students absent on that day. Reward was given to the students who lining up neatly and the girls are those who get praise from the teachers as they lined up neatly. There is also an advice for the students who cannot line up neatly, the teacher will give them back to A class. In TK B Lion Bilingual Class, there is always a password everyday to enter the class after line up. It is in order to enrich students’ vocabulary. The password for that day is ‘one of fruits you like’. Teacher Arie gave the example like Teacher Arie’s favorite fruit is Mango. Then, she said I like Mango. This password was also mentioned by the students one by one so they were permitted to enter the class.

2. Opening
In this part, the teachers of TK B Lion Bilingual Class were doing some activities as the pre main activities on that day. It is conducted by singing, as singing is the teaching style of the teachers in this class. This activity was opened by choosing the leader for that day (everyday has a different leader). The praying activity was led by the leader for some minutes. After praying, Teacher Arie greeted the class and the students one by one through songs. It is what makes this class interesting.
The next activity in this part is talking about days, months, and weather. Teacher Arie gave instruction to the students to mention days and months. Then, she had a small talk with the students about weather. All those activities were delivered through songs, such as the song of ‘Mr Sun’, ‘Where is the cloud’, and ‘Rain’.

3. English Examination
That day was the examination day for TK B Lion Bilingual Class since that week was the last week on the first semester. This part begun with Teacher Arie gave the instruction and it makes the students concentrate toward her instruction. It was just like pre examination before the test began. The instructions were given through songs, for example Teacher Arie sung “Everybody come on freeze, come on freeze.” So the students keep silent and as if they freeze. The other instructions were given such as “Everybody touch your nose, everybody roll your hand, everybody touch your friend, and everybody touch your teacher”.
The next activity was guessing the thing based on the instruction given by Teacher Arie. It was also considered as pre examination before the test. Teacher Arie gave the instruction by saying the characteristics of some fruits or animals. Then, the students guess what the fruit or the animal is. The other instructions were asking the students to mention a thing inside their bag and their classroom. Teacher Arie was also asking the students to count such as five plus three equals eight. Reward was given to those who can answer Teacher Arie’s questions correctly. They have a chance to choose their own chair to do the exam first. After the pre examination, Teacher Arie gave the instruction engaged to 5 English activities in final exam. All the instructions were given in English.

4. Closing
The closing part began with clean up the desk after English examination. The instruction by Teacher Arie and Teacher Yuni was given through songs. After the students cleaned up the desk, they were going to go to eat. They washed their hand and prayed before they eat. All the instructions were given through singing in English. The students were allowed to watch video while they were eating. After they finished their lunch, they prayed together.
The class was closed by reviewing the activities in the class on that day, reviewing the exam and evaluating it, and also reviewing the lesson of the previous meeting. Then, they prayed together in Arabic and English before the class end. The teacher gave some questions to the students such as lesson engaged to mathematics and English, just like two plus two equals four. The students who allowed to go home are those who can answer the questions correctly.

2.2. Correlation with Theory

Based on the observation, the teachers in TK B Lion Bilingual Class use the theory from Jerome Bruner. This theory is well known as Discovery, “Learning by Doing”. It explains that teacher as a means to teach their students let them discovers their own knowledge. By the theory of Learning by Doing from Jerome Bruner, it proves that this theory is applicable because the students are able to learn everything themselves only from the teachers’ instructions.


Based on the observation, PG&TK Laboratorium UM uses full English everyday in their learning program. It means this school is a good model to be recommended. It is because as the researchers mentioned earlier that teaching English will be effective if it is taught to the children as early as possible.
Specifically, in the TK B Lion Bilingual Class, the class we observe, there are two teachers who are Teacher Arie and Teacher Yuni. According to the researchers, those two teachers use the theory of Jerome Bruner that is Discovery, “Learning by Doing” while they are teaching their students. It is the theory in which the teacher only as the means to teach the students and let the students to discover their knowledge themselves. It is what Bruner called as “Learning by Doing”.


Based on the result of this research, the researcher proposed some suggestions which hopefully will give certain valuable and beneficial for the future researchers and the teachers in TK B Lion Bilingual Class.

4.1. Future Researcher

For the next research, the researchers suggest the future researcher to choose the other schools for English young learner as the object to be observed. It can be in the other playgroup or kindergarten or even elementary school. It is also suggested to observe not only the school in Malang but also the other schools spread all over Indonesia. The researchers also suggest the future researcher to observe not only in the aspect of the theory used by the teachers but also the other aspects in teaching and learning young learner.

4.2. PG&TK Laboratorium UM

Overall, PG&TK Laboratorium UM has a well-organized teaching program, especially in teaching English. There is a good correlation between the lesson plan made by the teacher and the practice of teaching in class. There are also some improvisations while teaching and the researchers think it is good to be practiced. The only suggestion for the teachers in PG&TK Laboratorium UM, especially in TK B Lion Bilingual Class, is when they give some questions or instructions to the students, it’s better to ask them to raise their hand first before they answer the question. It is in order to make discipline as their custom and avoiding more noise.

Compiled by:
Fery Indra Rinaldi
Hanifa Rahmawati
Devilia Indah Kusuma
Bella Stita Rakhmah


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